Our Partnership

Taylors Wines has partnered with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) on the shared mission to help save the Sydney Seahorse, and their habitats, from extinction.

On first glance, winemakers and marine scientists seem unlikely allies. But we do face a common problem - climate change. Seahorses, much like grapevines, are an indicator species that raise the alarm to serious climate-related issues. It’s very important we do what we can to reverse their population decline before it’s too late.

So we’ve established “SeaBnB” -  a fundraising initiative to give these underwater equines a temporary home in a ‘luxury Seahorse Hotel’ while SIMS researchers work to rebuild their permanent, seagrass habitats. 100% of donations go directly towards SIMS research projects with the aim to fully restore the seahorse’s natural habitats and give this species a fighting chance to avoid extinction.

Taylors Wines have kickstarted the SeaBnB initiative with a $10,000 donation. Our goal is to raise $150,000 which will enable SIMS to fully restore select areas of seagrass meadows that have been lost which creates the opportunity to reintroduce a herd of captive-raised seahorses to their natural habitat.

To launch the campaign, we’ve called upon Australian record Freediver, Adam Stern, to act as our ‘SeaBnB Concierge’ to welcome the incoming seahorse guests and help spread the word about this important initiative.

And you can help too! Your donation will help fund SIMS important work to save the Sydney Seahorse from extinction.

Martina Doblin, CEO of SIMS and Mitchell Taylor, Taylors Wines’ Managing Director

SeaBnB is an initiative by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Taylors Wines.

Taylors Wines is also known as Wakefield Wines in the UK, Europe & North America;
and Wakefield Taylors Family Wines in Asia.