Save the Sydney Seahorse

Welcome to SeaBnB. Providing happy homes and restoring vital habitat for endangered seahorses in Sydney Harbour.
Donations go towards the Sydney Institute of Marine Science seahorse research and restoration projects.


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A 'Small Fry' budget friendly room

Affordable accomodation for unfussy seahorses. Round the clock predator protection for baby seahorses.

A 'Fin-tastic' family room

Spacious rooms for a seahorse family with plenty to eat plankton. All day buffet and free inter-net.

The 'Mates for Life' honeymoon suite

Private rooms for seahorse couples, perfect for courtship dances.

The 'Entire School' Penthouse suite

A premium experience for a massive marine gathering.

Luxury SeaBnB Garden villa

A premium experience with luscious seagrass garden views.

The world is your oyster

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Thank you to all who have generously donated to SeaBnB, with special mention to the philanthropic support of the Lim-Sutton Initiative.

SeaBnB is an initiative by the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Taylors Wines.

Taylors Wines is also known as Wakefield Wines in the UK, Europe & North America;
and Wakefield Taylors Family Wines in Asia.


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